CN 232, Km 419,5
26360 · Fuenmayor · La Rioja
Tel. +34 941 450860
Fax. +34 941 450804


Bodegas Altanza was founded in October 1998 by a group of Riojan businessmen whose goal was to make high quality reservas and gran reservas. Located in Fuenmayor (Rioja Alta) it attempts to link the traditional and the modern. Traditional because of its wood and brick buildings. The foundations of our wine are its structure, horizontal presses and a single varietal, tempranillo, as well as the use of 21,000 liter vats made from Allier oak.

Modern because of the use of the most up-to-date winemaking technology such as air conditioning in the ageing cellars and the way the barrels and bottles are stacked.

The winery owns 250 hectares of tempranillo. Other grapes are bought from local farmers following a selection process. Our wines are high-end and our range is from lightly oak-aged wines to gran reserva, as well as a range of limired edition special reservas such as the recently launched Lealtanza reserva Spanish Artists. Not to be forgotten is Lealtanza 100% arbequina ecological cold-pressed olive oil.

Bodegas Altanza ages its wines in 8,000 225-liter barrels, of which 90% are French and 10% American. For Club Lealtanza, a small batch is 100% Allier from France. The barrels are replaced gradually and no barrel is older than five years.

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