Cuevas, 32-34-36 · 26200 HARO · La Rioja
Tel. +34 941 310744


Viñadrián, young Rioja prestigious wine of strong character, elegant, fresh, vigorous and expressive. - Viña Berceo, Berceo Nueva Generación and Gonzalo de Berceo. Wine iconic brands for aged red wines. - Los Dominios de Berceo, new line created asunique elaborations from estates with exceptional characteristics.

Bodegas Berceo was founded in 1872. This is the only winery that remains operative today, in Cuevas street where all the wineries in Haro were born, capital of Rioja wine. It was built taking advantage of the natural slope of the mountain, in the style of Bordeaux´s most prestigious châteaux, is the only vertical winery that keeps operating since its establishment, with 5 levels of processing. The term “vertical cellar” is an alliance between man and nature so that the hand of the first one is involved as little as possible in the process of transforming grapes into wine, using the natural “ gravity law”. The “calado” of the cellar is installed in the ancient galleries Haro castle, that dates back tothe Middle Ages. In Berceo is our commitment with innovation and search for new products that respect tradition but provide a touch of modernity.

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