Avda. Santo Domingo 34 · 26200 Haro · La Rioja
Tel. +34 941 310295
Fax. +34 941 310832


Founded officially in 1924, this traditional winery located in Haro in the heart of Rioja Alta has adopted a modern style with fresh fruit and the aroma of new oak. We are a medium-sized winery specializing in crianzas from tempranillo from Rioja Alta. The winery belongs to the Diego Zamora Group since 1999, the same year Rodolfo Bastida, winemaker and managing director, joined the project. We control a large number of vineyards, both owned and leased, as well as work with a number of farmers who have supplied us since the company's founding.

We have a traditional range with: Ramón Bilbao crianza, Ramón Bilbao reserva, Ramón Bilbao gran reserva, Viña Turzaballa gran reserva as well as other wines made in a more modern, international style, using grapes from specially selected vineyards and French oak for our brands Ramón Bilbao Edición Limitada and Mirto. These different styles allow us to reach a wide range of consumers with attractive, well-priced wines. Our international presence is the result of agreements made with leading distributors in our markets.

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