Avda. de La Rioja s/n,
26221 · Gimileo · La Rioja
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SANTALBA, the bodega´s name, is a fusion of the first name and surname of its owner and founder: SANTIAGO IJALBA

Bodegas SANTALBA is in Gimileo, near to Haro, in the middle of Rioja Alta and around 40 kilometers (25 miles) from Logroño.

Its geographical location, climate and soil have given the uniqueness of this region, its land and its wines, giving it a distinctive character.

Viticulture, grape-growing, is daily detailed work in the vineyard. It is the key to obtaining quality grapes. The starting point of our wine-making is rigorous selection of grapes from Rioja Alta vineyards. These either belong to the bodega or to grape-growers on permanent contracts who undertake to carry out the production methods which our experts define and describe.

Through its daily chores in the vineyards and the Bodega, SANTALBA sets out to make wines whose quality is the highest and which have an individual character. Honesty, the best quality grapes, experience, knowledge and passion, passed down from previous generations, allow us to offer the finest wines to our clients.

Ecological grape-growing, continuous development through R&D&I, a sustainable system and the desire to hold onto the most genuine Riojan wine-making customs are what characterize and define Bodegas SANTALBA.

Bodegas SANTALBA has an ongoing project for research, development and innovation in order to produce more natural wines, by raising the level of antioxidants (resveratrol) through natural and ecological means. As a result, we have managed to produce a wine with the highest content in natural resveratrol in the world to date: SANTALBA ECOLOGICO.

The end result of the tests carried out has produced a wine with a high natural resveratrol content; 24,5 milligrams per litre, verified by oficial laboratories in La Rioja and the University of Barcelona, which increases the antioxidant found in conventional wine.

Temperature-controlled fermentation takes place naturally; the naturally occurring wild yeasts from the grapes themselves carry out this process at Bodegas SANTALBA.

The wine is racked traditionally from barrel to barrel by hand and using gravity, every six months. Our stocks of barrels are renewed at intervals and consist of oak-barrels of different types (French, American and European) and various toasting levels, in order to make each wine subtly different. All the barrels are supported on the traditional and natural wooden chocks.

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