Vendimia 1 · 26559 Aldeanueva de Ebro · La Rioja
Tel. +34 941 142305
Fax. +34 941 144169


Viña Herminia is the result of two companies' wishes: Bodegas Luis Caballero, S.A. (Caballero Group) and Viñedos de Aldeanueva, S. Coop. to be involved in the world of quality wine. Located in Aldeanueva de Ebro (La Rioja) in the middle of a vineyard planted to each varietal allowed in the D.O. Ca. Rioja as well as some experimental varieties, the winery houses a cask ageing cellar holding 8,000 barrels. Our organization, a wide-ranging, efficient commercial network and the accumulated experience of 175 years are important assets that the Caballero Group brings to the still wine trade.

Viña Herminia offers a wide range of Riojas recognized for their exceptional quality. We make gran reservas following the most traditional methods in the D.O. Ca. Rioja as well as modern wines that show the richness of character that comes from the most avant-garde winemaking techniques. Ageing always takes place in new barrels, on average, three years old that provide tannin and different nuances depending on the oak used: American, French and Eastern European. Our Viña Herminia is one of the most select crianzas on the market, various reservas, including a 100% graciano reserva as well as one of the most sought-after of our wines, Viña Herminia Excelsus, a wine of great character and personality. Other brands such as the Preferido range for young wines and Duque de Huéscar for our most special reserva complete the range of wines offered by Viña Herminia.



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