Camino de la Hoya s/n · 01300 LAGUARDIA · ALAVA
Tel. +34 945 600826
Fax. +34 945 600837


The winery was founded in 2001. The surprising silhouette of Ysios is found in the most beautiful area of Rioja Alavesa. Conceived to be the standard bearer of the D. O. Rioja in the 21st century it blends perfectly into the landscape at the foot of the Sierra de Cantabria moiuntains that protect it from northwest winds. The winery surprises and fascinates visitors to this famous region, considered one of the best places in the world to grow grapes.

The architect Santiago Calatrava´s design represents the outline of a row of barrels. Inside, its avant-garde design stands out as well. Traditional winemaking and ageing from small plots contribute to the winery´s innovation.

BodegasYsios owns 75 hectares of vineyards. It has been a pioneer in winery tourism.

Its brands are Ysios reserva and Ysios Edición Limitada.


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