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Camino Viejo a Logroño s/n · 01320 Oyón · Álava
Tel. +34 945 622216
Fax. +34 945 622315


El Coto de Rioja started as a project to create a style of wine in which the best qualities of the soil, the grapes and oak ageing stand out. The winery, whose first vintage was in 1970 is today one of the most important in Rioja thanks to the contribution of people who appreciate quality wide worldwide. El Coto de Rioja has created the modern style of Rioja, based on tempranillo, fruity, smooth and elegant, whose best example is the largest-selling Spanish wine in the world: El Coto crianza.

El Coto de Rioja is recognized as the leading winery in the Spanish market, and its wines are shipped to over 40 countries. We make exclusively quality Rioja wine following a rigorous grape selection process. We sell a full range of wine: El Coto white, El Coto rosé, El Coto red crianza, Coto de Imaz reserva, Coto de Imaz gran reserva (only made in extraordinary vintages), and Coto Real, a signature wine.



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