viña salceda

Ctra. de Cenicero, Km. 3 - 01340 – Elciego (Álava)
T. +34 945 606 125
F. +34 945 606 069

Viña Salceda, set in the estate of the same name, is located in Elciego, a picturesque little town in the Alaves district of Rioja. Although the history of Viña Salceda dates back more than forty years, having been founded in 1969, it was established with a definite goal that entirely justifies its creation: to focus exclusively on the production of top-quality red wines.

The locations of our vineyards are: La Dehesilla, El Roquial and Valdefrailes, whose chalky clay soils are ideal for the grape varieties Tempranillo, Mazuelo and Graciano. We mainly grow Tempranillo, of which we harvest massal selections from the oldest plots of land.

The vineyards are cultivated with the utmost care in a traditional manner. For instance, the land is worked by hand with no use of herbicide and all operations from pruning to harvesting are carried out by hand, in a rational and sustainable way.

The small yield per hectare and the age of the vineyards guarantees excellent quality of our grapes. The wine making is conducted in our own facilities at Viña Salceda, where the process is meticulously monitored to ensure that the wines are a faithful reflection of the excellent qualities of the grape.

Viña Salceda produces three different wines with very distinct personalities, the fruit of our care and effort from the vine to the bottle:

  • Viña Salceda crianza
  • Viña Salceda reserva
  • Conde de la Salceda reserva

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